Professional/Advanced Singers

Advanced Student Voice Lessons in McKinney

Christina's Students Singing on the Runway in LA's Fashion Week

Christina’s Students Singing on the Runway in LA’s Fashion Week

I have coached many professional performers to get their voices in shape for recording sessions, concerts, operas, and musicals.  My roster of professionals includes the well known actor Christopher Gorham, and former NFL football player (now sometimes singer) Joe Prokop.  I am also delighted to coach the composer, pop star, and opera singer Lorena Tassinari whose most recent album Lulebu features Placido Doming Jr.  Up and coming broadway and tv actress, Chyka Jackson is a former high school student of mine.  I have helped several rock musicians get the most out of their vocals as their bands were getting ready for tours or studio sessions including HeXx Henderson.  Locally, two of my voice students are current young artists at Diversita Opera Arts Company.  And I am thrilled to get to teach 2 members of the powerhouse trio The Micro Chicks in my vocal technique for middle school class at Ovation Academy.  This season, a few of my singing students have also been cast at the Casa Manana Theater in Fort Worth.

Christopher Singing at Les Girls for The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

Christopher Singing at Les Girls for The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

I have prepared many truly gifted high school singers for college auditions – with my students being admitted as voice majors to top ranked schools including USC, Berklee School of Music, and UC Berkley.   I have enjoyed guiding up and coming opera singers through their auditions and debuts.  And I have often been able to use my professional contacts to get gigs for my students.

Backstage for Joe's Operatic Debut in Carmen

Backstage for Joe’s Operatic Debut in Carmen

I am a member of the National Association for Teachers of Singing, the National Federation of Music Clubs, and Opera America, which grants my students the opportunity to perform in national and local competitions.  

Let me help you achieve your dreams. (909) 969-3856

Contact me for voice lessons for advanced and professional singers in McKinney.

Symphonic Celtic Rock Band

Symphonic Celtic Rock Band

I am a working opera singer, and have performed throughout California, and in Italy, NYC, Chicago, Cape Cod, Salt Lake City, Tennessee, and Texas.  I continue to work as a professional opera singer, a concert soloist, and even have some experience singing with rock bands.

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  3. Hi there! My name is Kristin. I am 25 and have studied music for many years. My initial training was the bel canto technique, but over the years have branched out and studied jazz and musical theater styles as well. It has been 3 years now since I have taken a voice lesson and am wayyyyy over due, my range and vocal strength have diminished from the lack of time I have put into practice. I would be interested in hearing about your lessons. Where do you teach and what are your rates?

    Thanks, Kristin

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