“Carrying her own professional experience as a top notch performer, Ms. Dragoo transmits her music expertise into her students with charismatic charm and gentleness. These students transform into great musicians, and they emote the qualities needed for a spectacular performance. Ms. Dragoo has the ability to train and relate to all ages using proper techniques and pedagogy. I would recommended Ms. Dragoo to any student who wants to see major musical growth with care and affirmation of their potential.”

— Walteria Caldwell, Executive Director of Diversita Opera

“We love Ms. Christina! She has a unique teaching style which makes learning music so enjoyable for my 5 year old daughter. She’s disciplined without being intimidating and is very knowledgeable in her music pedagogy. She applies theories of teaching music in a subtle way so my daughter stays engaged. I love that she works on reading music, technique, theory, composition and performance. I would recommend Ms. Christina to children and adults, new or experienced. She’s wonderful!”

— Gina Peirce

“I’ve been going to Christina for the last couple of years for my singing training, since I started with her my Opera skills have improved tremendously. I love that she is so cheerful, positive, patient, she explains everything with details and she has never made me feel uncomfortable or unmotivated like others have in the past. Love the recitals she puts together. She is a great instructor and worth every penny! Best music teacher in town!”

— Stephanie Kantu, Chief Executive Officer of Skinny Secret

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