Music Study Improves Brain Function

An exciting new study out of Northwestern University shows that ongoing music study “remodels” a child’s brain to make it better at learning and language skills.    What is exciting is that this is one of the first studies of its kind to focus on disadvantaged and at-risk children.  (Most previous studies involve students from affluent homes receiving private music lessons.)  “Thanks to this finding, sustained music training is now an evidence-based method for closing the achievement gap between poor kids and their more advantaged peers,” said Margaret Martin, founder of Harmony Project.  This study also shows that the benefits of music study are truly the result of studying music and not simply an advantage of a more affluent background.  The children in this study showed the improved neural function after 2 years of music study.  (Less study did not yield the same results.)  They were all between the ages of 6 and 9 and were also participants in the wildly successful LA based Harmony Project.

Link to study here!

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