Vocal Technique Tips


The sword of sound singing technique!

These weekly articles will sharpen your vocal technique!  This is the place to get free advice on improving your singing voice from a professional opera singer with years of experience as a voice teacher.  You will also find tips and tricks to improve your vocal performance and maintain the health of your voice.

Remember that this is general advice, your singing voice is unique.  The specific tools that will help you reach your vocal best will be as individual as you are!  Give new ideas a fair try.  You may need to attempt a new approach a few times before getting it just right.  Keep those ideas that help you and pass on by any tips that may not apply.  Singing should never hurt your throat or cause hoarseness.

Feel free to email me at christinadragoo@gmail.com with any questions about your specific voice.  I am also happy to offer you a free trial voice lesson, where I can give you personalized feedback and advice.

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