Lil Singers – 3 to 6 Years

LIL SINGERS I For 3 and 4 year olds Mondays at 5:15 or Fridays at 6pm.

LIL SINGERS II For 5 and 6 year olds Mondays at 6pm or Fridays at 6pm.

Designed to assist very young singers in developing healthy and beautiful voices. Enjoyable children’s songs are used to provide a positive experience in learning to sing. Fun musical games foster music reading readiness, beginning ear training, and provide an introduction to basic solfege.  Your young children will sing, play, create, explore and move.  Ensemble music making will enhance listening skills, and concentration, while developing an internal sense of timing.  Lil Singers classes are beautifully designed to provide each child with the many brain benefits of music study and will compliment your child’s early reading journey.

Classes offered in McKinney on the Square at Ovation Academy for $85/month.

Contact Christina Dragoo at (909) 969-3856 or to attend a free trial class.

Some Lil Singers Grads at Opera Rehearsal
Some Lil Singers Grads at Opera Rehearsal

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