Beginning Singers

Dallas Voice Lessons for Beginners

Many people wish they were better singers.  Some want to join a church choir.  Some wish to fulfill a lifelong goal.  There are also those who just want to be able to sing on key.  The great news is that singing is a skill and you can learn to become a better singer!

Singing is also an ideal first instrument.  There is no expensive equipment to buy because you already have a voice!  You can also learn to sing quite beautifully without having to learn to read music first.

I have been delighted to teach many beginning singers, even several who had been told they were “tone deaf”.

I have a gentle and fun teaching style.  We can gets great results because I understand the science behind singing, and have more than 20 years experience teaching beginning singers.

Schedule a free trial singing lesson in McKinney today!

Contact Christina Dragoo at (909) 969-3856

Shakespeare in the Park Sierra Madre Summer Festival

Shakespeare in the Park Sierra Madre Summer Festival

5 thoughts on “Beginning Singers

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  2. Hi Christina, I thought I would take a little rest when I got home, and look at your website. It is very impressive, and I will look forward to fulfilling one more thing on my bucket list. I’m so happy to have met you again today and had the pleasure of hearing you sing.

    My husband is having double knee surgery on Mon., so I’ll probably have to wait a bit to start this journey. Hopefully, not too long. Maybe I’ll see you at the salon again since Sara will be here through Oct.

    Thanks so much,
    Jan Seltzer, MS, NCC, LPC / Semi retired Hairstylist

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